Straight teeth isn’t something we do. It’s all we do.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are getting a beautiful smile created and designed by a real specialist orthodontist.

What Makes Us Different

Personalized Treatments


100% Virtual Check-ins

Affordable Pricing


Treatment Benefits

Even a little bit of orthodontic treatment can have a big benefit on your smile, health, and confidence.

Smile Wider

Even just a little bit of treatment can improve confidence so you’re smiling more freely.

Improve Function

Rotated teeth don’t function and wear the way their meant to.

Flexible Treatments

Maybe it’s just two teeth that bother you or you’re looking to address something more. We have options for everyone!

Better Oral Health

Straight teeth are easier to clean!

Smile Faster

With limited orthodontic treatment, focusing on just a few teeth, means you’ll be done faster than ever!

Affordable and Personal

Our payment plans are designed on the extent of treatment and range from single payment out to 24 months. We have something for everyone.

The Doctor Will See You Now. Even From Home.

Virtual Visits

You’ll be in touch with your OXSmiles Orthodontist from the comfort of your own home. Using your smartphone and a special pair of cheek positioners you’ll send scans that your orthodontist will review. You’ll then get a message from your smile assistant to either keep going ahead or there may be more movement to be accomplished in your current aligner. This way your treatment is doctor monitored and more efficient all without having to drive over and miss work or school!

Less Driving

We can track your progress from anywhere!


Unlike the competitors, you’ll be in touch with the same doctors and team the entire time.

Fair Prices

Only Pay for what you need. Less visits means lower fees.

More Oversight

Your orthodontist will see your progress weekly!

More Freedom

You always have the option for in-person visits or virtual.

Peace Of Mind

It’s nice just knowing there is a Smile Center nearby with your team looking after you .

Come on by! Only if you want to.

In Person at OXSmiles Centers

After your smile simulation and consultation most people continue their treatment at home via weekly smart-phone scans with their OXSmiles Orthodontist. However, you have options! You can elect to come by your scan center for a small fee and be seen by the orthodontist mid-treatment.

Virtual Visits

Only OXSmiles offers remote treatment with the option to visit the actual orthodontist who’s treating your smile.

Flexible Payment Options

All our treatment tiers have options of 12 to 24 month in house financing. OXSmiles offers payment plans to fit your budget as low as $109/month.

Specialist Treatments

Your smile is in the hands of trained orthodontic specialists. No mystery docs, not curtains. US based Orthodontists every time.

Just Passing Through

We can mail your aligners anywhere in the world (We even have patients in Japan!)

Local OXSmiles Center

You always have the option of speaking with your orthodontist in person.

Get Personal

Treatment tailored to your needs. Just what you’re looking for.

OXSmiles is 100% orthodontist owned and operated.

Our Orthodontist

OXSmiles is 100% orthodontist owned and operated.

Sandra Selnick DDS MS

Dr. Sandra Selnick is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of innovative orthodontic treatment to provide great results with an emphasis on customization and convenience.  Dr. Selnick takes pride in “creating beautiful smiles for all ages” using the latest advancements in orthodontic technology.

Pricing and Payments

Orthodontist planned and monitored treatment. Only pay for what you need. There is always the option to keep going or you may love your smile earlier than you thought.

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