Teeth Whitening

Whether you need a single tube of whitening gel for a simple touch up or a complete whitening kit with trays, we can create a program to suit your needs.

Brighten Your Smile Now

Here’s How You Start:

Step 1.

Take selfie photos of your teeth: Let us see what your teeth look like so we can help you make a plan that fits.

Step 2.

Fill out questionnaire: Tell us a little about your teeth and your experience whitening.

Step 3.

Based on your photos and answers, your orthodontist will help you design a plan to whiten your smile using retainers, custom trays, or your aligners!

Step 4.

If you would like to talk about your options to whiten your teeth, you can meet virtually with your OXSmiles Concierge to discuss and finalize your whitening plan.

Step 5.

Not having treatment? No problem! We can make you whitening trays. Choose to do everything from home with our OXSmiles Impression Kit or come in for a scan of your teeth at one of our Member Orthodontist offices for a scan.

Options for Whitening Trays:


Fitted Trays

If you are working on your new smile why not work on whitening your teeth!

You can use your trays to brighten your smile while straightening your teeth!

Desensitizing gel

Sensitive teeth? We have you covered. We have desensitizing toothpaste and gel that can help take the edge off so you can get that bright smile.

Starting at $19.99

Whitening gel

Buy it a tube at a time for a touch up or as a kit. We can help you customize a whitening plan to suit your needs.

Single: $19.99  | Package: $59.77 (4 Tubes)

*Buy a single tube of whitening gel to use with your aligners or buy 3 and get one free

Need something a little more intense for your Whitening Needs?

Use our at-home light-activated whitening system! Get up to 9 shades whiter teeth for $79.99

I'm Ready for White Teeth!

What are you waiting for? Call and schedule a consultation and start smiling more!

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