Clear Retainers

We want you to smile for a lifetime. After you’ve achieved the desired results, you’ll want to keep them! Retainers are non-active orthodontic appliances that keep your beautiful result with simple nighttime wear. Now have them delivered right to your door!

Why Dental Retainers with OXSmiles?

Teeth retainers are the most common way to hold your teeth in place after tooth straightening. If you’d like to create your mouth retainer remotely, we offer an at-home impression kit so you can take the mold for us to use to make your retainer. The at-home kit includes everything you need to create a mold for a custom-fit retainer, including a mouth spreader and trays. Alternatively, you can come to our orthodontic office for a scan of your teeth to fabricate your retainers.

Retainer Options


Best Value

If you just want a retainer, get a new retainer for just $99 each or a set (1 upper and one lower) for $198. Additional backup retainers cost $79 each (or $158 for the set).

Maintain your smile by using retainers and get them with a single visit to your local OXSmiles Center for a scan or order an OXSmiles Impression Kit and do everything at home. 


Included Single Set of Retainers

Included with your OXSmiles treatment is a set of retainers. The material is sturdier and more durable than your aligners. 


One Set of Back Up Braces

The retainer included at the end of your treatment matches your last aligner. Safeguard your smile with backup retainers. All retainers get lost or broken, or worn out over time and need replacement. Have peace of mind by ensuring your smile with back up retainers.


Dr. Sandra Selnick is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of innovative orthodontic treatment to provide great results with an emphasis on customization and convenience.  Dr. Selnick takes pride in “creating beautiful smiles for all ages” using the latest advancements in orthodontic technology.

Retainer Brands

Vivera is Invisalign’s proprietary retainer clear plastic that is some of the most durable and comfortable retainer material available. Each Vivera retainer package comes with 4 sets of retainers meaning you’ll be covered for years to come.

Let's Get Started

Retainer monitoring

All retainer packages come with two virtual visits to ensure your retainers fit the way they should.

ox smiles teeth straightening kit

4 Easy Steps to a Better Smile

Step 1

Call or complete the form for a virtual consultation so an OXSmiles orthodontist can review your Retainer options, we explain the process, and begin ordering your retainer package.

Step 2

You create your impression by using the kit provided by OXSmiles. This involves using a material that makes a physical model of your mouth.

Step 3

The orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth, which is used to create a custom-made retainer.

Step 4

Begin to wear the retainer as instructed.

Save Money

Ordering retainers online is one of the least expensive ways to cut dental costs. This involves purchasing the materials needed to make your retainer, which can be done with just a few simple items and a little time. In addition, you receive complimentary virtual consultation from actual orthodontists.

Ask A Question

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What is the best type of retainers?

Some mouth retainer styles are better suited for certain types of teeth. For example, if you have crowded or impacted teeth, you may want to choose a retainer made for close-together teeth. If your teeth are crooked, you may want to select a retainer designed for a specific shape. Some mouth retainer styles are better suited for certain types of teeth.

How long do I have to wear retainers?

The length of time you need to wear your dental retainer will depend on various factors, including the type of retainer you choose. Some may require you to wear them longer than others, but most are designed to be worn for short periods. The goal is to keep your teeth apart while they’re healing, so you can avoid the risk of thickenings, which can cause several other problems.

Can wearing a retainer prevent teeth grinding?

The primary function of a retainer is to prevent your teeth from moving against each other. This helps to reduce the amount of grinding and clenching your jaw muscles do, which can help improve the health of your jaw muscles and reduce the pain you feel when you’re wearing a retainer.

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