We want you smiling for a lifetime. After you’ve achieved the results you want, you’ll want to keep them! Retainers are non-active orthodontic appliances which keep your beautiful result with simple night time wear.

Retainer Options

Protect your investment in your smile with retainers and retainer monitoring.

Included single set of retainers

The retainer included matches your last aligner. Safeguard your smile with backup retainers. All retainers get lost or broken or just wear out over time


Material that is more sturdy and durable than your aligners. Start your smile journey with a single visit to your local OXSmiles Center or order an OXSmiles Kit and do everything at home

Pack of 4 sets of retainers

Vivera Retainers made by Invisalign – great if you bite or grind or clench plus you have the benefit of extra retainers to keep you smiling

Retainer Brands

vivera Retainers

Vivera is Invisalign’s proprietary retainer clear plastic that is some of the most durable and comfortable retainer material available. Each Vivera retainer package comes with 4 sets of retainers meaning you’ll be covered for years to come.

Retainer monitoring

All retainer packages come with two virtual visits to make sure your retainers fit the way they should.

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