How it Works

Whether you are local or anywhere in the world, you can get a new smile right at home.


Exam And Smile Simulation

Start your smile journey with a single visit to your local OXSmiles Office or order an OXSmilesKit and do everything at home.

Step 1.

Contact the orthodontist who will be treating you.

Step 2.

Using your xrays, and photos your orthodontist will create a plan with you.

Step 3.

Talk to our Smile Concierge about affordable payment and pricing options.

Step 4.

Our Smile Concierge will help you download our app for your virtual, on the go visits.

Don't be afraid to show your smile.

Tooth movement

You may not remember biology class, but there is a lot that goes into keeping your teeth, bones, and jaws healthy. Damaging these tissues can have serious and unpleasant consequences. This is why moving teeth safely is a specialist activity, and why we follow the natural speed limit for changing your smile. Teeth only move at one speed, no matter how hard or soft the pressure.

3-6 Month Treatment

Our base treatment period is 3-6 months, which is enough time to accomplish many smile goals.

Aligner Options

You may have reasons for wearing aligners home and night only, we have this option too under select circumstances.

Keep Smiling.

Retainers Info

Your treatment includes a single set of retainers, a $385 value! If you’re on track with your remote visits and your Invisalign Aligners fit, we offer discounted backup retainer options exclusive to OXSmiles patients.

No matter where you are.

Aligners Delivered to Your Door

Enjoy the convenience of at-home treatment and the peace of mind knowing that your orthodontist and orthodontic team are monitoring your progress remotely and are available to see you any time either with a zoom style meeting or in person at the office. 

A Better Smile

After you meet your orthodontist in person or virtually, you’ll receive your aligners directly at your door. OXSmiles are created using Invisalign aligners, the premiere choice in clear aligner treatment backed by over 9 million smiles. 

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