Dental Impression Kits

Looking for Teeth Straightening at Home?

Impression Kits help diagnose spacing, crowding, bites, or other teeth issues. 

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Why Teeth Straightening Kits?

After your virtual consult with your OXSmiles Concierge, you can choose at-home treatment using an OXSmiles Impression Kit.

The Home tooth impression kit is a new way to make a mold of your teeth without visiting the orthodontist or a dentist. Instead of seeing the orthodontist or dentist, the supplies come to you. After that, follow the directions and let the kit save you an office visit. 

Use the teeth impression kits to provide an accurate and detailed impression (mold) of your teeth for use in the Invisalign lab to create a virtual model online. Then your Orthodontist will examine your teeth and create your treatment plan for your new smile. 

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What's includeD

Using the impressions (molds) you make at home, and you can be confident that an orthodontist will design your smile.

Your OXSmiles Do It Yourself Impression Kit includes:

Right to your door

Free shipping of OXSmiles Kit directly to you

Smile Faster

Cheek retractors to help you take smile selfies

Easy To Make

Impression trays and gloves with instructions on how to do your own molds of your teeth

Return Your Molds

Return label and box to mail us your molds

Once we receive your impressions (molds), we can show you how your new smile can look with treatment.

Get The Smile You Want From a Local Orthodontist

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Watch this video below to learn how to use your OXSmiles Impression Kit!

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Are at home impression kits safe?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the at-home kit for use in making dental impressions. It is considered a safe and effective way to get a dental image without visiting the dentist.

How long does it take for a dental impression to set

Although it can vary depending on the room’s temperature and the patient’s teeth, the impression should form within five minutes.

What comes with the OXSmiles DIY dental impression kit?
  1. Gloves
  2. Two sets of trays
  3. Putty jars
  4. Stretchers 
  5. Smile Stretcher and OXSmiles information
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